Kunstvlaai Bookstore

K_nstvl___ is present at the Amsterdam Art Fair with a specialized bookstore, containing publications from small project spaces, bookstores and publishers. K_nstvl___ offers a platform to small and flexible art organizations. Its aim is to unite national and international artists and their initiatives with a fitting project space, make them more visible, and stimulate cooperation. There will also be a K_nstvl___ festival, Playtime, where the value of visibility is the main topic. In the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg an elastic exhibition will be held, from 12.00 to 24.00, on May 21. During this exhibition there will be no division of space, but one of time. Each project space is given time for a limited presentation, unfolding during the day in front of an audience, as if it were a piece of theatre. The exhibition is broadcast (semi)live on screen.

Collectors for Collectors Tours

Young Collectors Circle is also present at Amsterdam Art Fair. Every day, at 16.00, there will be a tour for young collectors. YCC is a platform for young art collectors: they will be taught about the art world. YCC also unites art lovers who are interested in collecting, plus it opens new doors to new possibilities. Let yourself be inspired by experienced collectors, who want to share their knowledge and passion and who will accompany you to the AAF and will assist you in talking to gallery-owners and artists. YCC will also answer all your practical questions about buying art: how do you start a collection? How will you find art that makes your heart beat faster? You will also be able to find out everything about Kunstkoop and there is a crash course in how to present art at your own house, including instructions on how to frame a picture and how to exhibit your collection.


The houseplant is considered to be a cosy companion on many a Dutch windowsill, but these days it also plays a part in the world of tax evaders. The Houseplant Tour is the latest project by the artist TINKEBELL, in cooperation with financial journalist Arno Wellens. A special Mini Houseplant Bike Tour is being organized during Amsterdam Art Fair.

Most people have heard about so-called letterbox companies: foreign companies that exist only on paper to evade taxes. The tax department in Amsterdam is investigating whether companies are physically active in our country by looking for houseplants, among other things. So far they’ve come across one single plant! The houseplant tour guides you to a selection of houseplant offices, guided by professional expert Arno Wellens. It’s bound to be an exciting tour that will make your jaw drop.

Location: Amsterdam Art Fair Kunsthal Koper
When: Thursday 18, Friday 19 en Sunday 21 may
Time: 13:30
Price: € 12,50 (excl. bike rent)
Reservations and more info: the stand at Amsterdam Art Fair or e-mail